Polynesian History // King Kamehameha // Haleakala // 17th Largest Island in USA // 727 square miles // 145,000 people…

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and the 17th largest island in the United States.

Hawaii's emerald isle belies expectations with its diminutive size. You can drive around the whole island in a day, but you will spend weeks investigating its quirky little towns, deep-rooted local cultures, wealth of geographic riches…and, of course, its numerous luxury resorts. In contrast to the high-rise populated Oahu and Big Island, Maui has a distinctly small-town feel, with character and hospitality to match. From plantation-style bungalows, to exclusive retreat centers, to five-star hotels, the sun-drenched Valley Island accommodates visitors with familial warmth and elegant grace.

The Hawaiian Islands typically have just two seasons each year with mild temperatures throughout the year.

In keeping with the island's rural charm, public transportation on Maui is very limited. You will find that your best option is to rent a car immediately upon arrival and the best rates are to be found at Kapalua Airport. The larger hotels provide shuttle services to local attractions. Chauffeur services, along with other forms of transportation (charter boats and helicopters) can be easily procured by concierges and tour guides.

Water Sports
The island is known for its great snorkeling with over 30 beaches to choose from. It is also a popular destination for windsurfing, particularly at Kahaha Beach Park and of course surfing, with Ho’okipa Beach Park being the island’s most famous spot. More recently kiteboarding and kitesurfing has become popular

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Photograph of Paia Beach, Maui by Chelsea Batten

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