Founded 660 BC // Byzantium // Constantinople // Bosphorus // Second Largest City in the World // 14 million people...

Istanbul is located in north-western Turkey and is divided in two with one part of the city on what’s known as the European side of the Bosphorus, which connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, and the other on what’s known as the Asian side, which forms the main part of Turkey.

Getting around Istanbul can be a challenge at the best of times thanks to the sheer volume of traffic. There are just two bridges that cross over the Bosphorus and the queues at peak times are long and tedious, so you will need to be patient. Talking the ferry across can often be easier and quicker. Whilst taxis have improved, you will find that very few drivers speak good English, so be prepared an try to have an idea of where you are going with a name they are likely to recognise, such as the name of your hotel. Receipts are not always easy to come by should you need one.

Istanbul is served by the modern and efficient Istanbul Atarurk Airport about a 40 minute drive from the city centre on the European side.

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