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Located in southern England, the county of Hertfordshire is bordered by Essex to the east, Bedfordshire to the north and Cambridgeshire to the northeast.

Hertford, its county town was once a major market town in medieval times and the name dates back to Anglo-Saxon times meaning deer crossing and as a result you will find deer in many county emblems.

Agriculture features a great deal in Hertfordshire and the county used to grow a lot of watercress thanks to the clean chalk rivers. Gravel and sand quarrying still survives today in the St Albans area.

Visitor Attractions
Some of the more notable landmarks and visitor attractions include St Albans Abbey, Hatfield House, Ashridge House, Berkhamsted Castle and Butterfly World. You can see many of Henry Moore’s sculptures at the Henry Moore Foundation and Knebworth House set in a 250 acre country park is home to the popular rock and pop festivals. Children will enjoy the Making of Harry Potter studio tour at Leavesden Film Studios.

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Photograph of the autumn harvest near St Albans by Greg Knapp via Wikimedia Commons

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