Gold Coast

Australia’s sixth most populous city // Surfer’s Paradise // 57km of Beaches // Theme Parks // Sub Tropical Climate // 10 Million Visitors a Year // Host to 2018 Commonwealth Games...

Sitting in Queensland’s south-eastern corner, on the border with New South Wales, Gold Coast is a city that screams “Look at me”.

Everything about it is big, bold and brash. Brisbane is only some 90 km north of this busy, bustling tourist mecca that was favoured by the rich and famous in the 1920s with the arrival of the Surfer’s Paradise hotel, and then boomed in the 1980s with high rise hotels opening the length of it’s shores.

Gold Coast attracts over 10 million visitors a year, with over 9 million from Australia itself. Tourism is the main industry here, so visitors are well catered for with many restaurants, nightlife and all standards of accommodation to suit all budgets. Most accommodation is within a short walk of the city’s 57 km sandy beach.

It has a sub-tropical climate, with the average summer temperatures in the upper 20s and during the winter months (June, July, August) around 20 Degrees Celsius. This makes it a year round destination.

Getting There
Gold Coast's Airport is Coolangatta – (OOL) and has flight connections from all major Australian cities with airlines such as Virgin Blue, Jetstar and Tiger Airways providing multiple daily flights, including over 25 a day from Sydney alone. There are also international services from Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Brisbane Airport is less than an hour away, with further flight options and a direct train line from the airport to Gold Coast.

Getting Around
There is a comprehensive bus network, plentiful taxis, and many hotels and apartments offer shuttle buses to and from the airports and between the major attractions.

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