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Copenhagen or København is the capital and largest city of Denmark and is situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager.

The city is a major centre for culture, business, media and science and is served by the largest airport in Scandinavia.  It has often been recognised as offering an excellent quality of life and being one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities.  You can apparently even swim in the water in the inner harbour as it is so clean and well over 30% of locals commute to work by bicycle.  It is however also ranked as one of the 10 most expensive cities in the world.

Copenhagen is viewed as a very “green city” with many parks such as King's Garden, in Rosenborg Castle, the oldest and most visited park in the city.  Other parks include Fælledparken, which is the largest park in Copenhagen and the Frederiksberg Garden, a romantic landscape park and has views of the elephants and the elephant house in the adjacent Copenhagen Zoo.


Copenhagen has 3 beaches with about 8 km of sandy beaches within a 30 minute bike ride from the city centre.   Amager Strandpark has a 2 km long artificial island and a total of 4.6 km of beaches and is just a 15 minute by bike or a few minutes by metro from the city centre.

Museums and Culture

Copenhagen has a number of well-known museums including The National Museum, Nationalmuseet, Denmark's largest museum of Archaeology and cultural history.   The National Gallery is Denmark's national art museum and contains collections dating from 12th century.

The Copenhagen Concert Hall opened in January 2009 and has four halls with the main auditorium seating 1,800 people and is the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.   Tivoli Concert Hall located in the historical and beautiful Tivoli Gardens is another important venue.  Copenhagen also has a flourishing jazz scene that has been around for many years.

Tivoli Gardens

The world-famous Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park and pleasure garden located right in the centre of Copenhagen between the City Hall Square and Central Station.  It has the oldest operating roller coaster and Ferris wheel in the world and is also used as an open-air concert venue and dates back to 1843 being the second oldest amusement park in the world.   Dyrehavsbakken to the north of the city is the oldest surviving amusement park in the World.


Copenhagen has the most Michelin starred restaurants of any Scandinavian city and is recognized as a gourmet destination.  In addition the city offers a good variety of Danish, international and ethnic restaurants.  It is of course possible to find more modest places serving open sandwiches "smørrebrød", the traditional and best known Danish lunch dish.   A great local specialty, Danish pastry, can be found in many bakeries around the city. The restaurant was ranked last year (2010) as the Best Restaurant in the World.

The Home of Carlsberg

Carlsberg beer has been brewed at the brewery's premises since 1847 and has long been synonymous with Danish beer production.  Recent years has however seen a big growth in microbreweries, meaning that there now about 100 breweries of some description in Denmark today.

Bicycle Friendly City

Copenhagen is known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, ahead of even Amsterdam with extensive bicycle paths that are often separated from the main traffic lanes and sometimes have their own signalling systems.

Ground Transportation

Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is the largest in Scandinavia and is located in Kastrup with good connections to downtown Copenhagen, taking just under 15 minutes to Central Station either by train or metro.  Thanks to the Øresund Bridge to Sweden, you can get to Malmö South in 15 minutes or Malmö Central Station in just over 20 minutes.

The local transportation system in Copenhagen consists of a number of different train systems and buses: Re-tog regional trains ; S-tog S-train; Copenhagen Metro (which is still being expanded) and local trains serving the periphery metropolitan area.

Whilst taxis are very expensive, taking the train or metro is incredibly cheap.  You will find ticket machines at all stations and just inside Copenhagen Airport.  The ticket price inside Copenhagen between 2 and 9 zones currently costs 11.50 DKK for each zone.  You can also purchase 24 hour travel cards

Copenhagen Central Station provides an Intercity and Express train service across Denmark, as well as services to several other countries including Sweden and Germany, in particular Hamburg.  You can also reach Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city by train or plane from the Domestic airport.

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