Royal Victoria Park // Roman Baths // Bath Abbey // The Circus // Royal Crescent // 90,000 people...

Few cities in the UK are privileged enough to be honoured with World Heritage status but then Bath is no ordinary city.

Set in the county of Somerset, in the South West of England, it is home to some 90,000 residents and is a destination rich with diversity, historical importance and is a cultural highlight not to be missed. The green pastures of the South West are renowned for the lush landscape, organic farming and award winning produce, and the gastronomic scene has flourished in recent years with many a London chef escaping to the beautiful countryside to get back to basics.

The infamous Roman Baths and pump rooms are still standing and nourished by natural hot springs; a rare treat to behold, whilst the renowned open top Thermal Spa plays host to many a weary traveller looking for a decadent touch of pampering. Bath Abbey stands proud in the centre of town and locals and tourists alike are welcomed, free of charge, to gaze in awe at the majestic stain glass windows.

Arts and Culture
Literature marks an important focus on the city as signs of its most celebrated past resident, the one and only Jane Austen, still stand to this day. Bath Literature Festival takes place every spring and is a feast of a gathering for bookworms, poets and writers looking for creative inspiration. With two universities and several colleges, the city is buzzing with academia and the small but beautifully preserved theatres, museums and newer sporting venues keep the town as popular as ever.

Only a 90 minute train journey from London Paddington, the city has a thriving tourist presence, which explains the bountiful selection of accommodation; from luxury boutique townhouse to penny saving hostels, every purse is thought of.

Don’t leave without a stroll around the famed Royal Crescent, one of the true great examples of Georgian architecture and of course the distinctive cobbled streets and cream Bath Stone used throughout the city creating a glistening golden back drop.

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By Sophie Rae

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