Capital of Greece // 3,500 Year History // Host to First Olympic Games // Summer Olympics 2004 // The Acropolis...

Athens is both Greece’s largest and capital city as well as one of the oldest cities on the world dating back almost 3,500 years.

The history of the Olympic Games starts in Athens, being the first host city back in 1896. It then staged the Summer Olympics in 2004, which saw huge improvements to the city’s infrastructure with the construction of a new airport and modern Metro system (Attiko Metro). Sadly many of the Olympic venues are no longer used and have fallen into disrepair and gathering cobwebs.

Thanks to Athens’ long history dating back thousands of years, it is also home to many museums. The National Archaeological Museum has the largest collection of ancient Greek antiquities in the world whilst the Acropolis Museum is one of the newest additions.

Athens enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate and can get very hot in the summer months with temperatures reaching as high as 33°C (92°F). The winters tend to be fairly mild with average temperatures in December and January being around the 13°C to 14°C mark (55-58°F).

Athens International Airport (ATH) was built for the 2004 Summer Olympics and opened the year before. It is 35km to the east of Athens and is served by a good motorway system that was constructed at the same time. The airport is also accessible via the suburban railway. As well as the underground Metro system with its red and blue lines, Athens also has a pretty good Tram system with almost 50 stations dotted around the city and is a popular way to get around by the locals.

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Photograph of The Acropolis by Christopher Meneboeuf via Wikimedia Commons

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