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The British Territory of Anguilla lies in the northern Caribbean and measures just 35 square miles with a population of 14,500 people. The island has 33 pristine white sand beaches, hundreds of places to eat and a relaxed, laid-back ambience.

Colonized by Britain in 1650 Anguilla became the classic ‘mouse that roared’ when in 1967 opposition to being included in an associated state administered by St Kitts culminated in a ’bloodless revolution.’ The islanders put their feet down and although Saint Kitts and Nevis gained full independence from Britain in 1983, Anguilla happily remains a British overseas territory.

What to do
Learn about this and other chapters in Anguillan past at the Heritage Museum in the East End with local historian Colville Perry.

Where to Eat
Head to the food stalls at ‘The Strip’ in The Valley, Anguilla’s capital, where a row of stands do a roaring trade in chicken roti, local beef stew and curry goat with locals and tourists alike.

The island has built a reputation for being the cuisine capital of the region because of the numbers of eating establishments and the quality of the food – you can also dine in sophisticated restaurants like Veya at Sandy Ground and Da ‘Vida restaurant at Crocus Bay.

Or hit one of Anguilla’s little off shore islands and cays by sea shuttle. They include idyllic Sandy Island, Scilly Cay, uninhabited Prickly Pear cays and Sombrero Island.

Bankie Banx, Anguilla’s answer to Bob Dylan can be found at the beachfront Dune bar, just down the beach from CusinArt hotel (which also has the island’s only golf course) but most bars and restaurants have live music and the strains of soca and calypso can be heard everywhere. The island has an annual music festival, ‘Moonsplash’ in April.

For more information visit the Anguilla Tourist Board:

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Photograph courtesy of Zemi Beach House, Resort and Spa

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