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The importance of a First Aid kit while travelling

18 Aug 2015
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Whether you’re jetting off into the sun for a few weeks or planning an adventure closer to home, it’s wise to take a first aid kit on holiday with you. This also applies if you’re going on a road trip or have booked a world tour, as you never know when you’ll need essential medical equipment. Many of us take our health for granted, but here’s why first aid supplies are essential when travelling...

Interview with Sienna Charles

15 Dec 2014
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Sienna Charles can hardly be called a travel agency. “Travel curator” might be more appropriate. The company designs effortless exclusive travel experiences that, in their words, help you “get lost in the beauty of a voyage.” In this article, our North American writer Chelsea Batten interviews Jaclyn Sienna about her company and world travels…

International Road Trip: What To Bring

1 Dec 2014
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In our luxury travel blog today we take a look at driving abroad, because if you have the time, driving is always an economical way to travel. When you’re taking a long car trip there are some essentials you’ll need to have and know about driving to a foreign country. Before you leave, follow these tips to make sure your trip is as safe, fun and worry-free as possible...

Need to get a job? Here's how to do it

28 Oct 2014
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A passion for travel can't be fuelled on the spirit of adventure alone. Unless you've saved an extensive amount of money before embarking on your trip, are being bankrolled by wealthy relatives or simply pretty well off yourself, you'll need to earn to keep moving…

Quintessentially’s Lifestyle App puts a world of luxury at your finger tips

26 Sep 2014
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Quintessentially, the concierge and luxury lifestyle management company recently launched their new mobile app to coincide with the re-launch of their website, which has undergone a major update...

How Travel has changed in the UK over the last 35 years

5 Feb 2014
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We thought it would be interesting to take a look in our luxury travel blog at how holiday habits and travel more generally in the UK has changed since the 1970s, with the over 55s more likely to take a holiday every year and are 3 times more adventurous...

Luxury Summer Holiday Planner

22 May 2013
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We thought we would do something a little different in our mid-week luxury travel blog as infographics are becoming increasingly popular. This Luxury Holiday Planner has been put together by Sovereign and is a guide to where you can go on holiday this summer be it Mauritius in May, Malta in August or Croatia in September...

OMOTG November Travel News Update

12 Nov 2012
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In the news this month, fares across London’s Transport network are to rise above inflation in January. St Pancras International opens the first luxury spa in a UK station and Eurostar has a new Michelin-star chef...

easyJet Meets its Rival!

4 Oct 2011
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If you’re a loyal easyJet flyer then you may be interested to know about their new rival airline FastJet!

It appears that easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who still owns 38% of the airline, has decided to add a new competitor to the market, FastJet.

Stuck in the Airport with a Delayed Flight?

23 Aug 2011
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Most of us have had to endure it and those that have not, will no doubt have to at some point of their lives.  Yes I’m talking about the dreaded terminal time caused by a flight delay or even worse, cancellation!

According to July 2011 saw 123,075 flight delays and 3,442 cancellations in Europe alone! Looking at global statistics the delays were a staggering 523,307 and 26,870 in cancellations.