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5 Gadgets to take with you when travelling

1 Feb 2016
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Whether you are going travelling for six weeks or one year, you will be restricted by the size of your backpack when it comes to what you can take with you. There are certain essentials you must pack of course, but you may actually find the following five gadgets extremely useful whilst you are away…

Win the perfect companion for the avid traveller

11 Nov 2014
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Travelling around the world is something not many people have the chance to do. It can be considered a luxury, and like all luxuries it comes at a price. Luckily we’re giving you the chance to win a brand new iPhone 6, no strings attached as a perfect companion for your travels…

Tools and Gadgets for the Globetrotting Traveler

28 May 2014
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According to a Visa Global Traveler Intentions study, 80 percent of those surveyed bring their phones on a trip. Around 54 percent bringing computers and 26 percent tote their tablets. While phones, computers and tablets may be a staple in the average traveler's suitcase, there are still hundreds of gadgets to choose from to make your trip easier...

The iPhone’s Best Travel Apps

27 Feb 2013
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For people who love to travel the iPhone has been a major asset for years now, making it easier and more exciting to explore new territories than ever before. The proliferation of applications on the Smartphone means that backpackers and tourists have a plethora of useful information and resources at their fingertips. In our latest Luxury Travel Blog we’ve assembled some of the best apps for travel lovers across the world...