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The Bartender’s Choice? Oui, Oui, It’s Sauvelle Vodka

8 Nov 2016
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The stereotype of vodka being a flavourless spirit that’s simply added to coke to get party girls drunk is as passé as MC Hammer; new and exciting brands such as Sauvelle are challenging the notion that you have to drown vodka in mixers and are creating full and flavourful concoctions that can be drunk neat or on the rocks…

Get Off Your Tuffets On Black Cow Vodka

24 Jun 2016
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So how do you make vodka out of cow’s milk you ask? Well, you can actually make vodka out of pretty much anything; all you need is a foodstuff that contains either sugars or starch. First you’ll need to ferment said foodstuff, then distill the product to increase its alcohol content...

5 Distilleries Around the World to Visit Before You Die

5 Feb 2016
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While breweries and distilleries are popping up all over the United States, there are some around the world that stand out among the rest. No matter what your drink of choice is, next time you find yourself in one of these incredible destinations, pay a visit to the famous distilleries there...

New Amsterdam Vodka: Hitting the High Notes in London

25 Nov 2015
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The bottle has a clear, skyscraper-design and boasts a hologram of the Empire State Building on the back of it, lending it a ‘city drink’ vibe. The royal blue detailing whispers ‘premium’ and this is backed up by the quintuple distillation process from fine grains, then triple-filtered to create an ultra-smooth spirit...

Blooming Brilliance Pop-Up Bar at The Rib Room Bar and Restaurant

19 Jun 2015
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The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge launched its first pop-up seasonal bar earlier this month to celebrate summer. Head Mixologist, Saverio Vicari has created a menu of 17 summer botanical cocktails but also includes some staple favourites and classic cocktails...

Valhalla Vodka Bar at The DoubleTree Hilton’s SkyLounge

1 Dec 2014
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The pop-up event is running from 25th November until February 2015 aims to capture the decadence of Scandinavian mythology along with the delectability of its contemporary cuisine. With waitresses dressed in authentic ‘fair maiden’ apparel and traditional Scandinavian music emanating from instruments that wouldn’t look out of place in a Monty Python sketch...