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Top 3 Scandinavian Luxury Casino Hotels

23 Oct 2015
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What comes to mind when I mention Scandanavia? Vikings, no doubt, and probably a vague idea of the general location of the area. For those a little down on their geography, Scandanavia comprises the three old kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Pure Viking territory, in other words and there's a lot more going on up there in the north than meets the eye...

Valhalla Vodka Bar at The DoubleTree Hilton’s SkyLounge

1 Dec 2014
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The pop-up event is running from 25th November until February 2015 aims to capture the decadence of Scandinavian mythology along with the delectability of its contemporary cuisine. With waitresses dressed in authentic ‘fair maiden’ apparel and traditional Scandinavian music emanating from instruments that wouldn’t look out of place in a Monty Python sketch...