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Take A Hike

25 Feb 2017
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If you like nothing more than to get outdoors and explore nature on foot, you might want to combine your hobby with travel. There are so many great places to hike and trek all over the planet, that you will never be able to fit them all in…

4 Key Destinations for a Charity Trek

16 Mar 2016
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The charity trek is one of the noblest of holidays, combining an exotic getaway with a worthwhile cause. Ideally, you and your group get a character building, once-in-a-lifetime experience while collecting a considerable sum of money for you chosen charity. Here we rundown four of the most popular places to clamber through and sometimes over...

The Top Five most stimulating treks in India

3 Oct 2013
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Our luxury travel blog once again turns to the world of trekking, where India is viewed by many as being trekking heaven and every tourist that has touched Indian soil would hopefully vouch for this statement...

Five Must Do Treks in India

16 Jul 2013
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Our luxury travel blog heads to the Indian Himalayas today as we look at five treks that are suitable for both the beginner and more experienced adventurer.

India takes great pride in having the Himalayan ranges in the northern part of the country. This has made the country famous for challenging trekking tours all over the world...

Take a pleasure in the wonderful trekking experience of Sikkim

12 Apr 2013
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Trekking in the heavenly paradise has its own appeal and charisma and no other place can take this credit except for Sikkim, a heaven, famous for most excellent trekking routes. Endowed with emerald green, beautiful orchards and soothing climate, fabulous flora and fauna and everything that a person desires to be in a dreamland...