Florida Keys

Coral Cay Archipelago // 127 Square Miles // 90 miles from Cuba // Seven Mile Bridge // Only 20 Feet above Sea Level // over 1,700 Islands...

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How to Save Hundreds on Your Next Trip

25 Mar 2014
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As we know all too well here at OMOTG and our luxury travel blog, the cost of travelling abroad can add up quite quickly particularly if you are planning a family trip during the school holidays. Flights alone can ruin your budget before you even get to sorting out accommodation...

Apps To Help You Choose The Holiday of a Lifetime

9 Aug 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog takes a look at Apps that can help you choose and plan for a memorable holiday. We all love a good holiday; whether it’s a beach holiday, an adventure holiday or a skiing holiday, we all have a preference on what kind of holiday we enjoy...

The iPhone’s Best Travel Apps

27 Feb 2013
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For people who love to travel the iPhone has been a major asset for years now, making it easier and more exciting to explore new territories than ever before. The proliferation of applications on the Smartphone means that backpackers and tourists have a plethora of useful information and resources at their fingertips. In our latest Luxury Travel Blog we’ve assembled some of the best apps for travel lovers across the world...