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Champagne, Prosecco and Cava – What’s the Difference?

15 Jun 2016
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Perhaps you’ve been asked to choose the wine for a special occasion and aren’t sure which one to select. You want a sparkling wine but where do you go from there? Here is a simple guide to the three main players – Champagne, Prosecco and Cava – and how they’re characterized by their taste, production and ingredients...

Toast the Summer in Slender Style with Skinny Prosecco

5 May 2016
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Its taste is breezy, floral and effervescent, almost like a naughty Appletiser, and you can tell that it’s lighter than its sugary counterparts; however, for a summer’s afternoon in the park, this tipple is ideal...

Bolney Wine: The Tipple To Toast the End Of The World?

6 Jan 2016
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The surge in acclaim over the last ten years for English wine has been due to many contributing factors: hard work from regional vineyards, clever marketing campaigns, Nyetimber’s infamous taste test victories. We head over to the West Sussex estate where we are to learn how climate change is actually helping English wine crops flourish while its global competitors falter...