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Eating Your Way Around Singapore

10 Jul 2017
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Despite its small size, Singapore also packs a punch when it comes to its tourist scene. It is for many people perhaps best known for its local cuisine and so last year we flew over to check it out and have come up with some of our top street foods that you simply must try when visiting Singapore along with a few other worthwhile attractions…

5 Cities Leading The Way In Innovative Recycling Techniques

Arguably the queen of recycling cities in the USA, San Francisco has a staggering 80% success rate at keeping waste out of landfills since 2013. This is largely due to the increase of awareness from San Francisco's citizens and the city developing strict rules about how it’s businesses and residents discard their waste…

Wonders Of The World: Brilliant Places To Visit Alone

4 Jan 2017
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Only recently has the industry cottoned on to the fact that people actually like going places by themselves. From breath-taking scenery, holy shrines and neon nightspots to trendy eateries, wicked water-sports and amazing cultural experiences if you’re looking for the ultimate getaway a solo trip to one of these stunning destinations should do the job nicely…

7 Travel Tips For Making The Most Out Of Singapore

25 Oct 2016
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Singapore is known as the place where East meets West and when you touch down in its world-renowned airport and walk past the palm trees that overshadow baggage reclaim, out into the all-encompassing heat of the city, you’ll meet a scene that is like a cross between London and Bangkok with a little bit of Zurich’s cleanliness thrown in for good measure…

10 Must-Try Singaporean Street Foods

4 Oct 2016
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Here are the top street foods that you simply have to try when visiting Singapore. Start the day with Kopi or Teh (coffee or tea, done the Singaporean way); be careful though, as the thick, rich coffee comes with plenty of condensed milk and sugar as standard, so it’s best to learn a few key phrases…

We rock the ones and twos at the marvellous Cure, Singapore.

5 Sep 2016
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We’re ushered through the cosy and chicly decorated restaurant and through to what we refer to as the ‘Chef’s Table’, which is situated so close to the open kitchen that we can actually take pictures of head chef and owner Andrew Walsh and his merry band of staff as they prepare our tasting menu…

Discover the World’s Finest Shopping Cities

15 Jan 2016
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Travel experts Expedia have collaborated with fashion and lifestyle bloggers from across the world to create the ultimate guide to the planet’s foremost shopping cities, ranking the top 25 by friendliness, value for money and its popularity with visitors...

Cruises for people who don’t do Cruises

6 Apr 2015
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Our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at the world of cruising, which has changed a great deal over the last few years. Cruising is becoming more and more popular as cruise liners are getting bigger and more lavish with luxury health spas and even their own theatres bringing you some of the latest West End and Broadway hit shows...

The many sides to Singapore

23 Feb 2015
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I always find there’s more to a city than meets the eye and that’s exactly what sprung to mind when I visited Singapore for the second time. As 2015 sees this fascinating city celebrate its 50th anniversary of Independence and Golden Jubilee, today’s Luxury Travel Blog sees our writer Ashleigh Whitfield explore her pick of the best things to do and see...

Sofitel So Singapore opens in Singapore’s Central Business District

4 Jun 2014
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Saturday 31st May saw the opening of the brand new Sofitel So Singapore which is housed in a beautiful heritage building that dates back to 1927. The 125 rooms and nine suites have been designed by French Design House MIAJA Design Group, headed up by Isabelle Miaja...