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How Singapore Airlines Plan their on board Menus

19 Mar 2013
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Have you ever wondered what goes in to planning all those thousands of meals that go on board planes every day? The sheer logistics have got be a real challenge to any airline. Well I recently got the opportunity to be a ‘fly on the wall’ so to speak and attend the Singapore Airlines First Class menu presentation at their catering partners Alpha LSG Sky Chefs at Heathrow...

The Case for an extra runway at Heathrow

28 Jan 2013
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Once again the recent snow showed up the shortcomings of Britain’s transport system and infrastructure. Although Heathrow Airport didn’t actually close as on previous occasions, hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed and some passengers found themselves stranded on planes.  Of course the problems at Heathrow run much deeper than simply keeping runways clear of snow...

How Singapore Airlines created their Business Class Cabin in Harrods

21 Dec 2012
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Back in October, Singapore Airlines put together a very special window display in Harrods to promote their new 28 flights a week daily service between London Heathrow and Singapore and give visitors an opportunity to try their renowned business class cabin...