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How To Weekend In Oslo

23 Mar 2016
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Standing proud as the beautiful capital of Norway, Oslo is often overlooked by many weekend travellers. In fact, even a cursory glance at Oslo’s statistics will tell you it is extremely easy to get to, beautiful to look at, and full of cultural excursions to engage in. So If you’re planning a European getaway anytime soon, consider making Oslo top of your list...

Where a High Roller Stays in Scandinavia

10 Dec 2015
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Boasting some of the most liveable cities in the world, it’s no surprise that a cheeky visit to this great Nordic land will put you back a few bob, but if you’ve got some to spare then there’s no better place to let your hair down and make it rain. Here’s the top pick of high-roller hotels to truly live it up Scandi-style in this sea-hugged peninsula...

Top 3 Scandinavian Luxury Casino Hotels

23 Oct 2015
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What comes to mind when I mention Scandanavia? Vikings, no doubt, and probably a vague idea of the general location of the area. For those a little down on their geography, Scandanavia comprises the three old kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Pure Viking territory, in other words and there's a lot more going on up there in the north than meets the eye...