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Places in Europe You Should Not Come Back Without Drone Footage

8 Aug 2017
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We are pretty sure that you’ve seen tons of drone footage on YouTube, showing the beautiful landscapes from all over the world, from a new, never seen before perspective. A normal person’s reaction would be “Okay, these videos look awesome, but for this, you need to really know how to pilot a drone and have some kick ass, expensive model…”

3 Tips On How To Take Truly Memorable Travel Photos

28 Jul 2017
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An important part of any holiday are undoubtedly the photographs. While in times past it was quite an event to process the endless rolls of 35mm upon returning home, today's digital realm means you can appraise your snapshots before you've even left your Mediterranean villa…

Road Trip: 4 Destinations Every Photog Should Visit

Landscape photography can capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, and a well-composed landscape photo can transport its viewer into the image by invoking a sense of wonder. To achieve that wow-factor, make sure you seek out special spots that will entrance your audience...

Taking Great Travel Pics with Your Smartphone

3 Mar 2016
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If you can take your camera with you on your travels then all well and good, however, if you don’t have room in your luggage, then your smartphone is a useful piece of kit. We have put together the following tips to help you make the most of your phone snaps...

5 Gadgets to take with you when travelling

1 Feb 2016
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Whether you are going travelling for six weeks or one year, you will be restricted by the size of your backpack when it comes to what you can take with you. There are certain essentials you must pack of course, but you may actually find the following five gadgets extremely useful whilst you are away…

How to Capture Your Memories In 2016

28 Jan 2016
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Capturing our memories has never been easier, which is primarily down to the rise in smartphones. These devices, which are rarely out of our hands, enable us to take high quality photos or videos whenever we wish. Here are a few ways you can ensure you capture memories and not just moments this year…

The traveller’s guide to storing your memories

13 Jan 2016
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When jetting off around the world you might find that you’re taking hundreds if not thousands of images of famous landmarks and picturesque landscapes but that your phone or camera just doesn't have the storage space to keep your memories safe. We take a look at some suitable storage options…

Revealed Photo Exhibition at Sofitel London St James

22 Sep 2015
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I recently had the pleasure of attending a special photographic exhibition at the elegant Sofitel London St James where they are currently displaying a selection of 30 unique photographs from the photo archives of Paris Match, selected by the grandson of Pablo Picasso, Olivier Widmaier Picasso, who is the exhibition’s commissioner...

Create Awesome Memories: How to Capture Great Pics on Vacation

2 Sep 2015
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Traveling to an exotic locale or somewhere nice on your next vacation? Do you want to capture unforgettable shots to show family and friends your experiences? Consider these tips to create awesome photographs during your travels...