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NetJets open up the world of flexible Travel

18 Jul 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog takes a look at putting you in complete control of flexible travel and access to NetJets' large fleet of private jets.

Are you just fed up with those long queues at security that seem to get worse each year and being stuck behind people who should not be in the Fast Track lanes and seemingly take forever...

Top 5 NetJets Europe Destinations for Same Day Business Travel

24 Jun 2013
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With the introduction of NetJets Europe’s Same Day Return Card, getting to your business meeting in Paris and still being able to make it home for dinner has never been simpler. Fast, efficient, and with a destination network of almost 700 European airports to choose from, it is now easier to get that deal done and land on home turf again within a 24-hour timeframe...

NetJets City Guide: What to See and Do in Rhodes

31 May 2013
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An upsurge in five-star accommodation has seen Rhodes transformed in recent years. Steeped in sunshine and history, offering up white sand beaches, secluded mountain villages, and now dotted with boutique hotels overlooking the Aegean, this Greek island can no longer be dismissed as a mass market destination...

Introducing the New NetJets Signature Series

10 Apr 2013
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Following NetJets Inc. placing the largest private jet order in aviation history in March 2011, the company now plans to add up to 670 new aircraft to its fleet, with a total value of $17.6 billion, over the next decade. Seeking to create the safest, most advanced fleet of private jet aircraft to date, NetJets’ new Signature Series venture gives Owners a voice...