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108 Pantry Wants You to be a Pastry In-Spectre with its 007 Afternoon Tea

21 Oct 2015
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How many James Bond films can you name? Ah, too easy. OK, how many Bond gadgets can you list? Hmmm, it’s still a little simple. Alright then, how many gadgets and props from the James Bond franchise can you fashion using dessert ingredients and serve in miniature form on top of a cake stand?

The Art of The Aperitif at The Langham London

5 Nov 2014
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Last month saw the launch of a rather unique pop-up bar called ‘The Art of The Aperitif’ in the beautiful Palm Court at The Langham, London. The idea behind the bar is to celebrate MARTINI vermouth in the company of over 30 pieces of rare artwork and memorabilia including pictures of the current MARTINI sponsored Williams Formula One team...