Founded 7th Century // Ragusa // Medieval Walled City // UNESCO World Heritage Site // Sponza Palace // Annual Summer Festival // 43,000 people…

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Journey To The Right Side Of The Tracks at Helio’s Cantina

6 Feb 2017
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Anyone travelling to the restaurant by foot will have to have their aforementioned iPhone’s GPS system polished and prepped, as it is tucked away in the backstreets of Hackney…

Keeping The Peace At The Glamorously Gastronomic Novikov

20 Oct 2016
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With the menu being longer than most first novels, the chef kindly prepares us a selection of his favourite dishes, which arrive on a large bright ceramic tray with fish daubed around its blue edges…

Hard To Pronounce But Well Worth A Visit: Qvintessenza, Borough

18 Oct 2016
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The restaurant is elegantly decorated with subtle flourishes here and there; white walls, wooden floorboards and large floor-to-ceiling windows giving the impression of a family’s kitchen and dining area that happens to be open for passers-by to view…

A wine list to impress even the most profound wine lovers

16 Oct 2016
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A wine list to impress even the most profound wine lovers, Danilo Zili, the Head Sommelier, has put some excellent options on the menu. A sign of a good restaurant is always having a good house wine…

Melanie The Gaul Attempts to Conquer Italy

12 Sep 2016
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Mercante is a chic but understatedly fun Mayfairian restaurant that adjoins the Park Lane Hotel, its regularly changing menu reflecting the best market produce of the season and taking its inspiration from all over Italy…

See in the New Year in style with Quattro Passi’s Luxurious 7-Course Feast

8 Dec 2014
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It’s the big December question: how are you going to spend New Year’s Eve? From overpriced clubs to lame house parties, the last night of the year is almost always a disappointment. Well, Quattro Passi have cooked up a way for you to obviate the depression of seeing in 2015...