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Exploring The Maldives in 2016

2 Oct 2015
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Twenty-six atolls and more than a thousand perfect islands comprise the dream destination that is the Maldives – described by the country’s tourist board as ‘The Sunny Side of Life’. With such a giant archipelago of 90,000 square kilometres stretching across the Indian Ocean there’s a lot of choice...

Traveler's Journal: Cruise of the Galápagos Islands

1 Jul 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog ventures over to the Galápagos Islands west of Ecuador, which are made up of a group of volcanic islands.

I’d heard wondrous things about the Galápagos Islands and finally had the opportunity to take a cruise there with my family. After a seven-hour flight through Quito, we spent a day and a couple nights in Guayaquil, a bustling coastal city of more than three million and the largest in Ecuador...