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Top Spas from Around the World

20 Jan 2016
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The most important thing you can do for others is take care of yourself. No matter what you do in life the day-to-day stresses can take their toll on our piece of mind. Below is a hand-picked list of four of the top spas from around the world, each set on making sure their guests leave more relaxed and happy than they have ever been…

A Guide to visiting the resort of Seminyak in Bali

3 May 2013
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Bali is a beautiful tropical paradise in Indonesia, with a lively nightlife and a true emphasis on luxury and relaxation. Situated just one and a half miles from the eastern tip of the island of Java, Bali is home to 4 million residents, and by far the most popular holiday destination in Indonesia. Of all the visitors to Indonesia every year, 80% of them come to Bali, and Bali alone...