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Top Roads in Europe for a Road Trip

27 Jan 2016
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A European road trip is the ultimate way to experience the best the continent has to offer. According to Gov.uk there are 245,000 miles of roads in the UK alone, a small island dwarfed by giants such as Russia and Kazakhstan. Many of the glorious roads of France, Germany and Italy are crossed by millions of drivers annually. Here are five of the best...

Everything You Need To Know About the Growing Luxury Hotel Market

23 Nov 2015
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As an industry, the growing luxury hotel market falls under four main categories: airport hotels, resorts, suite hotels and business hotels with each one aiming to offer nothing but high quality to visitors and unsurprisingly business hotels held the largest share in the market in 2014…

Berlin – A vibrant city steeped in history Part 2

19 Aug 2015
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Throughout the day I got the full lowdown on the Berlin Wall and the famous airlift of 1948. In June of that year the Russians imposed a series of economic sanctions that involved stopping all transport in or out of the city, ceased supplying non Soviet citizens of food or fuel and started ‘threatening’ military exercises around Berlin…

Berlin – A vibrant city steeped in history

19 Aug 2015
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The train ride from the airport is quick and after an underground station or two I left the train at Alexander Platz station. Emerging into a grey day, not quite having my bearings I looked up and at once knew where I was. The enormous 666ft television tower loomed above me like a futuristic building from the Jetsons. I was in what was once East Berlin. How things have changed…

Cologne by Rail

My journey started at St. Pancras train station in London. I was looking forward to revisiting Cologne, the city of culture cradled by the Rhine. The joys of getting to Europe by train are obvious. No two-hour check in, convenient central locations and none of the cabin baggage restrictions that make us all so mad...

Wonderful Places to Visit this Winter!

18 Oct 2011
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So, summer has finally come to an end, autumn seems to have bypassed us and the cold winter season is kicking in - but it isn’t all bad!

Winter is a brilliant season to book a last minute getaway to embrace the crisp air while wrapping up warm.