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5 Must-Visit Restaurants In Geneva

16 Dec 2016
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Here are our favourite eateries from a weekend of exploring Geneva; it’s easy to get around, so we’d recommend walking from place to place or hire the free bikes so that you can burn off all the calories that you’ve just make way for a lot more!

Putting Down Roots at the Stylish La Cour des Augustins, Geneva

15 Aug 2016
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This 4-star hotel is situated in the city’s Latin Quarter and also doubles as an art gallery; after chatting to the friendly reception team, we take a quick peek at the private collection of African art that’s tastefully scattered around the hotel, ornate masks hanging from walls and mystical statues lining the hallways…

Win a Two-Night Trip to jet off to Geneva for an unforgettable weekend

29 May 2015
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If you have never been to Geneva before, here is your opportunity to win a fantastic two-night trip to this vibrant city for two people worth an amazing £2,500. Not only will you get a guided tour of Geneva’s Old Town but you will also get to go on a water excursion and try your hand at water-skiing and paddle boarding as well as get to actually turn on the Jet d’eau...