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How to Enjoy More Holiday Luxury for Less

24 Jan 2016
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The concept of budget travel has opened up the world for many people in recent years. But, it has also left a lot of us looking over with envious eyes at the more luxurious holidays. The good news is there are a few ways of getting those costs down and in this guide we’re going to take you through some of the best...

Reducing First Class Carriages on Britain’s Trains

20 Jan 2014
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The British government is planning to force some rail companies to convert their First Class carriages into Standard Class. Our luxury travel blog takes a look at one such possible example. We are told there is too much space in First Class and not enough people are using it and so, to ease overcrowding in the standard carriages, there is talk of axing it...

Training to be First Class Cabin Crew on British Airways

British Airways celebrates 85 years of in-flight service this year and I was recently invited along with five other journalists to see what it is actually like to train to be First Class Cabin Crew in their Heathrow training headquarters at Waterside.

Read how I got on...