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4 Outdoor Fall Activities in Rockwall, Texas

8 Nov 2016
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If you're planning a visit to Texas this fall, be sure to spend time in the town of Rockwall, located only 25 miles outside of Dallas. Not only is this unique gem home to a lively music scene, charming shops and unique restaurants, it also allows you and your family to connect with nature through hunting, camping, fishing and Rockwall's fall festivals…

Three outfits every guy should take to a festival

19 Jan 2015
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We take a somewhat tongue in cheek look at what you need to pack for your festival escapade this year. Let’s face it, you’ve been growing that impressive facial hair since Christmas to make sure you stand out (or fit right in) and saving your pennies to spend on some great outfits for your three days of drinking, dancing and sleeping in less than comfortable conditions...

Tequila & Mezcal Fest 2014: Not a Sombrero in Sight

14 Nov 2014
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The Tequila & Mezcal Fest 2014 is taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of November where we will be sampling the vast array of different agave spirits that will be on display at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel and reporting back. The aim of the weekend is to educate Londoners in the correct way to imbibe the agave nectar...

The London Coffee Festival

26 Apr 2013
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This weekend on the 26th - 28th April The London Coffee Festival is popping back up in East London at Shoreditch's very own Old Truman Brewery.

The festival is the flagship finale of UK Coffee Week™ and this caffeine fuelled festival of coffee madness includes tastings, coffee cocktails, live music and pretty much anything coffee related...

A Wonderland of Ice and Snow in China

10 Jan 2012
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Winter can be many things...cold, rainy, dark and generally a bit gloomy! However in Harbin, a village situated in the north-east of China, things are far from bleak.

From the 5th of January to the end of February, for the 28th year running, Harbin gives rise to one of the largest ice festivals in the world - think vast ice sculptures, bright lights and fantastic architecture.

London Jazz Festival Week 11th to 20th November

11 Nov 2011
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Today kicks off the 19th London Jazz Festival Week and it promises to be bigger than ever with 80 gigs and some 700 artists set to play.  It will be running over 10 nights.

If you weren’t aware London in fact has one of the biggest Jazz scenes in Europe with clubs all around the London area.