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It’s All About Where You Stay at Motel One Royal, Edinburgh

8 Dec 2016
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My room is superb, huge windows opening out onto Edinburgh’s town centre and a large, comfy bed to lie on while I soak up the sounds of passers-by…

Picture-Perfect Performance: The Witchery By The Castle

3 Oct 2016
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To describe the restaurant as a miniature version of the Great Hall in Hogwarts may be a little too obvious given that Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book just a stone’s throw from here, but it would also be fairly accurate…

Rocking Out In The Heart Of Edinburgh: Motel One Edinburgh Princes

9 Sep 2016
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As I throw open the curtains and stare out over the sunkissed centre of Edinburgh, not one but two double-decker buses are crossing each other on Princes Street, both advertising David Brent’s Life On The Road…

SurfSkating around Edinburgh: Every Landlocked Surfer's Dream

23 May 2016
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When you think of the best method of transport to get around Edinburgh, you probably don't think of a skateboard. The rain, the cobbles, and the crowds during the Edinburgh Festival doesn't sound like a skater's dream. That's probably because you've never ridden a SurfSkate…

Experience The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Leith Vaults, Edinburgh

12 Feb 2016
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It’s pretty much the ideal setting for sipping whisky and solving the world’s problems. Which is good, because that’s exactly the reason I’m here at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s beautiful building The Vaults, in Leith – to taste whisky, which as I’ve pointed out, I really don’t know much about…

Discover the World’s Finest Shopping Cities

15 Jan 2016
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Travel experts Expedia have collaborated with fashion and lifestyle bloggers from across the world to create the ultimate guide to the planet’s foremost shopping cities, ranking the top 25 by friendliness, value for money and its popularity with visitors...

Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in The UK

22 Dec 2015
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New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year; it’s a night when almost anything can happen. Being a time that many people look forward to all year, it’s natural that you want to celebrate in style. How about marking this momentous occasion by travelling to somewhere special in the UK?

Racing Glaciers: Brilliant from Start to Finish

11 Dec 2015
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I manage to catch five minutes with charming frontman Tim Monaghan, as he tells me this is their 28th day on the road. The thing that struck me most when talking to Racing Glaciers is the modesty with which they regard their talents, as they play down their recent and upcoming successes – headlining a UK tour and releasing their second album next year...

A Heroic Performance from The Crookes and The Fratellis

People say that you should never meet your heroes. These people probably never got the chance to meet theirs because when I met The Crookes, we had a right good laugh. On the afternoon prior to their Edinburgh gig at The Liquid Rooms, we were lucky enough to catch an interview with lead singer George and guitarist Daniel...

A Frighteningly Fantastic Performance from Catfish and The Bottlemen

6 Nov 2015
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As the lights dim, there's a ripple of excitement echoing around the room and the crammed venue's doors are slammed shut. With one of the most impressive light shows I've ever witnessed flashing around the room, the band – dressed in black, as always – enter the stage to The Beatle's 'Helter Skelter'...