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How to stay safe abroad: unusual driving laws from around the world

For the most part, driving laws seem like common sense, designed to prevent you getting yourself or other road users into hazardous situations. When we go abroad, we assume that what we know to be true at home applies on unfamiliar roads. Here are some of the strangest laws from around the globe…

Driving Etiquette around the World

21 Jul 2015
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The Brits much like many other Europeans do like to take their car with them when they go away on holiday, be it skiing in The Alps in winter to heading down to southern Europe for some hot summer sun. This very helpful infographic lists the main rules and regulations you will need to adhere to when driving in a foreign country...

Rules and regulations for driving abroad

1 Sep 2014
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There are nearly 200 nations across the world, each of which has their own driving rules and regulations. Yes, you’re unlikely to go on a driving holiday in North Korea, Papua New Guinea or Chad any time soon, but there are probably still 50 or so countries where you may want to drive your own car...

Why Driving in the Middle East Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

26 Oct 2012
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Driving in Middle Eastern countries, it's said, is like zooming through a video game. Rather than follow specific turns and stops, you're more at the whim of the traffic, with sudden stops, hops, turns and dips, often without a moment's notice...