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Europe's Finest Treasures: A Trip Along The Rhine Will Leave You Wanting More

5 Aug 2016
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One of the eternally great things about traveling in Europe is the versatility it allows you. With most of the continent having a sea coast, you can sail to almost anywhere. Due to the European Union forging closer links, rail, road and air travel are both affordable and convenient…

7 Little Known Places to Explore from a Cruise Ship

31 Jul 2016
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When the ship is your hotel and you don't have to worry about transporting your belongings from planes to trains or cars, then visiting some of the world's lesser known destinations become a possibility. Here are 7 not so well known places that you might like to explore…

The S.S. Catherine – A Luxurious Boutique Riverboat Experience

4 Jan 2016
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The two-story lobby has a glass elevator, a custom designed Murano glass chandelier, and a fanciful glass horse. The lounge is elegantly decorated with Murano glass light fixtures and comfortable chairs and sofas arranged in conversation groups. The S.S. Catherine has all the amenities of a five-star hotel plus more...

What to Pack for Your Summer Cruise

22 Jun 2015
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You’ve packed your cruise bags and checked them twice – yet, it still feels like you’re leaving something behind. This is a common concern among first-time cruisers. You know you'll need weather-appropriate attire, formal wear, comfortable shoes, toiletries swimming gear and cash, but what else? Here are some additional items to bring along...

Cruises for people who don’t do Cruises

6 Apr 2015
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Our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at the world of cruising, which has changed a great deal over the last few years. Cruising is becoming more and more popular as cruise liners are getting bigger and more lavish with luxury health spas and even their own theatres bringing you some of the latest West End and Broadway hit shows...

Finding that ideal Cruise

14 Jan 2015
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Booking international travel is no mean feat and the mere thought of the stress that is often involved with the organisation process can be enough to put some people off the idea entirely! Cruise ship holidays are no exception to this but thankfully Dealchecker has come up with a clever solution...

The Isles of Greece with Azamara Club Cruises

25 Oct 2014
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Being at sea is an incredible experience, even an exploration, due to the vastness and the unpredictability of the ocean. So cruising, by extension, can be thrilling or pleasant for this very reason. Azamara Quest is trying very hard to tick all these boxes. And if you are looking for a luxury cruise, you could do worse than Azamara Club Cruises...

How to Travel in Luxury without all the Packing

16 Oct 2014
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What does luxury mean to you? Perhaps it means free-flowing champagne. Maybe it’s butler service. Or possibly it’s the freedom to do whatever you feel like, at whatever hour of the day. I recently took a nine-day voyage with Silversea...

Five Hidden South American Cruise Ports you’ll Love

2 Aug 2014
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In 2012, 26.7 million international tourists visited South America, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. With South American ports of call combining rainforests, jungles, and sub-Arctic conditions, the region's cruises tend to attract adventurous travelers who want an active and unusual vacation...

The Rising Popularity of Cruising

28 Aug 2013
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Today our luxury travel blog takes a look at the rising popularity of cruising and how cruise liners are getting bigger and more lavish with luxury health spas and even their own theatres to bring you some of the West End hit shows...