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Joshua Radin Prepares for a Royally Good Show at The Queen’s Hall

7 Dec 2016
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Not to draw comparisons, but at time of writing, Radin’s latest single ‘High and Low’ has reached over a quarter of a million plays and counting on Spotify in a matter of weeks, whilst even my loyal couch is getting sick of my pitiful Wonderwall renditions…

From Sheffield with Love; Valentine's Day at King Tut's with The Crookes

22 Feb 2016
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Everyone should spend Valentine's Day with the love(s) of their lives. For many people, that's their girlfriends and boyfriends, for me, it's The Crookes. Before you feel too sorry for me, don't worry, I'm quite the ladies' man. Unfortunately, on this rare occasion, none of my many ladies wanted to attend the gig with me...

Racing Glaciers: Brilliant from Start to Finish

11 Dec 2015
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I manage to catch five minutes with charming frontman Tim Monaghan, as he tells me this is their 28th day on the road. The thing that struck me most when talking to Racing Glaciers is the modesty with which they regard their talents, as they play down their recent and upcoming successes – headlining a UK tour and releasing their second album next year...

A Heroic Performance from The Crookes and The Fratellis

People say that you should never meet your heroes. These people probably never got the chance to meet theirs because when I met The Crookes, we had a right good laugh. On the afternoon prior to their Edinburgh gig at The Liquid Rooms, we were lucky enough to catch an interview with lead singer George and guitarist Daniel...

A Frighteningly Fantastic Performance from Catfish and The Bottlemen

6 Nov 2015
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As the lights dim, there's a ripple of excitement echoing around the room and the crammed venue's doors are slammed shut. With one of the most impressive light shows I've ever witnessed flashing around the room, the band – dressed in black, as always – enter the stage to The Beatle's 'Helter Skelter'...

Fightstar Shine Bright in Edinburgh

29 Oct 2015
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On a brisk October night in Edinburgh, a fresh smell of autumn is in the air. As we enter Liquid Rooms there is a slightly different, less pleasant smell. Nevertheless, walking down the venue's stairway our senses are drawn to that unmistakable post-hardcore pulsating drum beat...

Marcus Miller is Hy on Life at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall

26 Oct 2015
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Those who don’t know who Marcus Miller is, you’ve almost definitely heard him playing. In fact, if you’re a child of the ’70s or ’80s, there’s a high chance you were probably conceived to one of his basslines. Miller’s career reads like a Who’s Who of latter 20th century R&B – checking legends such as Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and Miles Davis...

Nothing Simple About Dylan

19 Sep 2015
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Although not something Bob himself is particularly famous for, many a great performer pride themselves on audience participation, and this is where O'Connell shines. He frequently encourages us to fill in the gaps during some of the more popular choruses, which is welcomed by the yearning crowd...

The Jungle Brothers heat up La Belle Angele

11 Sep 2015
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As part of their Living Legends tour, hip-hop heavyweights ‘The Jungle Brothers’ make their second trip to Scotland to perform at La Belle Angele, a club that has recently re-opened after it was reduced to cinders during a vicious fire that swept through the local area over a decade ago…

A Touch of Class From Prass

4 Sep 2015
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With her eponymous debut album kicking up a storm around the world and being named as one of the 10 New Artists You Need to Know by Rolling Stone magazine, it’s fair to say that Natalie Prass has kicked her solo career off to a fine start. However, as with all good things, Prass had to wait for it all to take off...