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Sipping Cocktails With Superstars: Cointreau Creative Crew UK Awards

1 Jun 2016
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I wish that I could say that brushing shoulders with supermodels was an everyday occurrence for me, but I have to confess to being a little starstruck at the panoply of beauties that graced last week’s Cointreau Creative Crew UK Grant Scheme Awards at Liberty...

Caught By the Fuzz? Escape in Style with ‘Cointreau Fizz’ Cocktail Maker Pack

21 Apr 2016
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I stock up on ingredients (fresh lime and soda water) and crack open the ice trays, assembling this refreshing tipple in a matter of seconds and take a good slurp...and it’s delicious. The burnt orange tang of the liqueur is at once diluted by the sparkling water and enlivened by the citricity of the lime...