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5 Best Cafes for Freelancers in London

9 Nov 2016
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With mobile, office-less working now a firmly established reality for so many people, there is a small army of freelancers that descend on London city centre every day of the week to set up shop in a cosy café and get their work done…

6 Ways Freelancers Can Work Effectively on the Road

26 Sep 2016
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With more people becoming location independent, working on the road is now a viable way to earn dollars while you trot the globe. This means digital nomads can travel further and for longer periods of time. Many people are going on open-ended adventures and working remotely in each place they visit…

Artisan Coffee School - Home Brew Coffee Master Class

8 Feb 2015
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If someone asked you what the ingredients were for an excellent cup of coffee, what would you say? Smooth? Vibrant? Strong? Weak? The Home Brew Coffee Master Class is perfect for understanding the science behind coffee. Spend two hours with their expert barista and it could really change the way you buy, and make the drink that many of us can’t live without...

London 2014 Coffee Stop Awards

10 May 2014
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Last month over 18.000 Londoners voted on their favourite coffee shops around the city in the first ever Coffee Stop Awards. Over 1,400 independent as well as branded coffee shops were listed, showing the growing diversity of London’s coffee scene. Newscaster Alastair Stewart presented the awards...

Vote for your best London Coffee Shop

1 Apr 2014
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In today’s luxury travel blog we ask not only our London based readers but also any of our readers who may have visited London recently to vote on their favourite coffee shop to help celebrate the city’s rising coffee shop culture. You have until tomorrow to vote...