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Spending Christmas Away From Home? Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Winter Getaway

25 Nov 2016
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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s tempting to turn your attention to sunnier shores. Whether you’re a seasoned Christmas traveller, or have never spent the season away from home, this is the guide for you. Christmas is a stressful time of year. It’s no wonder many of us turn our attention to getting away, rather than getting involved…

3 London Whisky Joints Where You Can Warm Your Cockles This Christmas

22 Dec 2015
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With the winter winds whipping at our feet, the treacherous commute to the family home looming large and a St Nick-style boss in every office about to let loose with his naughty and nice Christmas bonus lists, there’s no drink that can murmur liquid consolation or hoot sweet jubilation to Londoners over the festive season...

Pick up your very own Rosewood London Mini Hamper

21 Dec 2015
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I love creativity and ingenuity and this year Rosewood London have outdone themselves by dispensing with Rudolf and his sleigh and creating their very own ‘Mini’ Hamper by purchasing an original 1993 red convertible Mini and filling it with lots of Christmas presents and of course Santa accompanied by one of Rosewood London’s Butlers and Pearl , the hotel Labrador...

There's no place like New York City for the Holidays

20 Dec 2015
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No other city in the world has such an iconic and authentic Christmas season experience as the City that Never Sleeps. For a truly exceptional holiday adventure, check out what New York City has to offer winter travelers in 2015...

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree and Cocktails at One Aldwych

20 Dec 2014
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Every year One Aldwych comes up with a fun theme for their Christmas Tree that takes pride of place in the Lobby Bar and this year is no exception. Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ novel being the inspiration for this year’s 25-foot tree that features over a kilometre of pale blue tulle, 100 tea cups, 70 tea pots and 80 organza cupcakes to top it off...

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier

17 Dec 2014
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Are you still looking for those last few gifts for your wife, husband, children or friends who have a weakness for mouth-wateringly good hand-made chocolates? Well look no further, as the Highland Chocolatier has some great gift ideas ranging from delicious stocking fillers for the kids to gorgeous family-sized hampers for adults...

Christmas in Vienna

12 Dec 2014
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Just as the last rays of autumnal sunshine slip away and Austria’s capital city, Vienna, braces for the oncoming winter winds, a cosy holiday perk begins to pop up everywhere in city squares. For Vienna, a city that thrives on festivals and public celebrations, the eponymous Christmas Markets are the key to surviving the long cold nights…

Christmas with a twist: Gilgamesh launches Pan-Asian Festive Menu

11 Dec 2014
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By its own admission, Gilgamesh is a fairly bonkers venue. Named after a Mesopotamian demigod of superhuman strength, owned by an Israeli billionaire businessman, cooking food inspired by countries all over Asia that’s served by staff from all over Europe. And they do karaoke. Just guess what they’re doing for Christmas…

A little Help from ‘Elfridges at Selfridges’

10 Dec 2014
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Don’t you ever wish someone could just miraculously compile that magical shopping list of Christmas presents for all the family and loved ones and everyone be a cracker! Simply put, receiving creative unusual gifts, sourced with imaginative appeal that are personally chosen with you in mind. Welcome to Selfridges’ Christmas complimentary shopping service…

Adults enjoy naughty but very nice Christmas festivities at Grotto Outré

9 Dec 2014
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The ‘adults only’ policy of Shoreditch’s Grotto Outré is just one of many appealing things about the festive pop-up. Located in Rivington Street’s Red Gallery, the first room of the venue is decked out like a professor’s laboratory where lab coat-wearing mixologists cook up cocktails to fill their guests with festive cheer…