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Spending Christmas Away From Home? Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Winter Getaway

25 Nov 2016
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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s tempting to turn your attention to sunnier shores. Whether you’re a seasoned Christmas traveller, or have never spent the season away from home, this is the guide for you. Christmas is a stressful time of year. It’s no wonder many of us turn our attention to getting away, rather than getting involved…

Top 12 Things To Do In Jamaica

9 Jun 2016
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When we think of Jamaica, we conjure up stunning island beaches, delicious rum cocktails, and the sound of reggae. But there’s a lot more to Jamaica than beach vacations. Located in the Caribbean, it is a lush country and home to stunning mountains and rainforests. If you’re visiting the Caribbean this year and are staying in Jamaica, check out these exciting activities...

VIP Dream Experience to Branson’s Necker Cup? BUCKiTDREAM can help with that

BUCKiTDREAM has been making 5-star waves in the iOS world for a little while now and has recently launched on Android, allowing all smartphone users to share their ‘bucket list’ hopes and dreams with a bunch of other kindred spirits from around the world, learning from each other's plans and experiences...

Top 10 Luxury Trips for 2016

23 Dec 2015
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As the winter nights are at their longest and we’ve just had the shortest day, many people are already day-dreaming about warm sandy beaches and tropical adventures. To help anyone planning their 2016 travel itinerary, here are our top 10 picks for luxury travel in 2016...

Five Inspiring Caribbean Activities

24 Sep 2015
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For many, the word ‘Caribbean’ calls to mind days in the sunshine sipping cocktails on achingly beautiful white beaches. But many travellers today sidestep that seduction for adventurous and cultural distractions instead, and there’s a surprising array of choice on most islands. Here, we examine five of the most interesting...

Luxury on a budget in the Dominican Republic

30 Jan 2014
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Our luxury travel blog pays a visit to the beautiful Caribbean where costs may be rising in the Dominican Republic, but this idyllic holiday spot still offers cheaper prices than many other Caribbean destinations. In certain parts of the country, it’s possible to get by on as little as £25 per day...

Yachting in the BVI – the Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

1 Nov 2013
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Our luxury travel blog takes a look at where you can find some warm winter sunshine as the glitzy Riviera resorts are now all closed, the summer-long sun has now faded and the azure waters no longer beckon us to bathe…. But do not despair...

Finding the Right Cruise for You

20 May 2013
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Our Monday luxury travel blog takes a look at the world of cruises. Once you’ve decided to sail the open seas for your next vacation, choosing a cruise destination can sometimes be a difficult decision with so many destinations and routes available. If you don’t start investigating available cruise options with a place to visit in mind, you may become swamped with the options cruise companies try to sell you...

Clay Pigeon Shooting in The Caribbean – really?

14 Dec 2012
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When you think of holidaying in the Caribbean images of sun soaked beaches, clear blue waters and a cocktail or two probably come to mind.

You don’t usually think of clay pigeon shooting, archery and pistol ranges. Or do you? A new Reservoir Range centre in Antigua features exactly this. The first of its kind in the West Indies...

Five Dream Destinations in The Caribbean

It’s hard if not impossible to find those untouched beaches that are free from the hoards of travellers and tourists, and if Alex Garland’s The Beach taught us anything, it’s that if you do find unspoilt paradise it’s often too good to be true. That said we’ve have compiled the five best beaches in the Caribbean that are still relatively unknown...