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5 Best Cafes for Freelancers in London

9 Nov 2016
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With mobile, office-less working now a firmly established reality for so many people, there is a small army of freelancers that descend on London city centre every day of the week to set up shop in a cosy café and get their work done…

Aussie Beach Café Comes to Santa Monica

4 Oct 2016
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You just know the ingénues behind Bondi Harvest would be serving it up in flip flops and probably raise the roof off the place entirely if the health department didn’t frown on such things…

6 Ways Freelancers Can Work Effectively on the Road

26 Sep 2016
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With more people becoming location independent, working on the road is now a viable way to earn dollars while you trot the globe. This means digital nomads can travel further and for longer periods of time. Many people are going on open-ended adventures and working remotely in each place they visit…

Pie Holes up in Hollywood

22 Aug 2016
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The maple custard was an edible effigy of autumn around the corner, the raspberry cream hand pie, inspired, but it was Mom’s Apple Crumble that won my crew over…

Great British Breakfast Week at Megan’s

28 Jan 2015
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For those of you who missed the headlines, it is British Breakfast Week all this week, running until Saturday 31st January. You may well have read just how important it is to have something wholesome for breakfast to kick start your day and that it is also the most important meal of the day, but the sad fact is that only 29% of us actually eat breakfast once a week even...

Pennethorne’s – a new Cafe Bar at Somerset House

9 Dec 2014
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Not only can you enjoy some ice skating in London this Christmas at Somerset House but you can also pay a visit to this iconic building’s latest resident, Sir James Pennethorne, well the new Cafe Bar that just opened at the end of November that is named after the 19th century architect who was responsible for the design of Somerset House’s New Wing...