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The Nightlife in Palm Beaches and Boca Raton

4 Jun 2013
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Today's luxury travel blog takes us over to the east coast of Florida where, when the sun goes down, The Palm Beaches come alive with its extravagant nightclubs and vibrant bars and pubs.

May’s Palm Beach video below takes you on a night time tour of the area...

Discover The Palm Beaches and Boca Raton February Video

12 Feb 2013
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In this month’s Florida Luxury Travel Blog we take a look at the sophisticated side of the sunshine state. Palm Beach County runs along some 47 miles of Florida’s East Coast and for many people it is those beautiful white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, for others it is the opportunity to play a few rounds of golf on some world class stunning golf courses...

Shopping in Palm Beach and Boca Raton – Worth Avenue

11 Feb 2013
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Shopping is not only popular in the Palm Beaches, it is big and you are spoilt for choice with 12 different districts to choose from. But it’s not all about shops, fashion and boutiques as you will also find some lovely little restaurants and fun cafés as well as a buzzing nightlife scene...