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Berlin – A vibrant city steeped in history Part 2

19 Aug 2015
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Throughout the day I got the full lowdown on the Berlin Wall and the famous airlift of 1948. In June of that year the Russians imposed a series of economic sanctions that involved stopping all transport in or out of the city, ceased supplying non Soviet citizens of food or fuel and started ‘threatening’ military exercises around Berlin…

Berlin – A vibrant city steeped in history

19 Aug 2015
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The train ride from the airport is quick and after an underground station or two I left the train at Alexander Platz station. Emerging into a grey day, not quite having my bearings I looked up and at once knew where I was. The enormous 666ft television tower loomed above me like a futuristic building from the Jetsons. I was in what was once East Berlin. How things have changed…

Travelling Safely in Five Desirable Destinations

5 Jan 2015
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When travelling, you’re going to have some of the best times of your life, but some of the most desirable destinations in the world are also known for petty crimes. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself safe in five of the most tourist-heavy cities...