Founded 7th Century // Ragusa // Medieval Walled City // UNESCO World Heritage Site // Sponza Palace // Annual Summer Festival // 43,000 people…

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8 Luxury Hotels You Need To Visit In 2016

4 Dec 2015
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As we head towards the end of 2015, your thoughts are probably already on where you are going to holiday in 2016. You are likely to have an idea of the countries you want to visit and experiences you want to have whilst there, but what we don’t tend to have is our heart set on a certain hotel…

A Guide to visiting the resort of Seminyak in Bali

3 May 2013
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Bali is a beautiful tropical paradise in Indonesia, with a lively nightlife and a true emphasis on luxury and relaxation. Situated just one and a half miles from the eastern tip of the island of Java, Bali is home to 4 million residents, and by far the most popular holiday destination in Indonesia. Of all the visitors to Indonesia every year, 80% of them come to Bali, and Bali alone...