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8 Luxury Hotels You Need To Visit In 2016

4 Dec 2015
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As we head towards the end of 2015, your thoughts are probably already on where you are going to holiday in 2016. You are likely to have an idea of the countries you want to visit and experiences you want to have whilst there, but what we don’t tend to have is our heart set on a certain hotel…

Top 10 Luxury Dive Destinations

18 Feb 2015
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We take a look at 10 top dive destinations in today’s luxury travel blog, as over 70% of the World’s surface is covered by ocean, offering the perfect opportunity for any traveller to explore an amazing underwater world full of beautiful ecosystems and stunning creatures. Whether you’re a PADI qualified pro or a beginner planning your first lesson, there are destinations all over the world offering awe-inspiring places to dive...

Best Beach Destinations for Early 2014

7 Jan 2014
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Do you absolutely detest fighting crowds while on vacation? Are you tired of the cold and dealing with snow and ice? Then our luxury travel blog thinks that maybe you should consider traveling in the winter. According to the Bureau of Transportation, the number of vacation trips drops by about 50 percent during the winter months in comparison to the summer...

Going Places: Bahamas

12 Mar 2013
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The 700 islands of the Bahamas are the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys a tropical environment, with gin clear water, fantastic snorkelling, great fishing and gorgeous beaches – such as the Pink Sands beach on Harbour Island, off Eleuthera. This is the perfect getaway, with an emphasis on watersports...

1960’s Glamour in the Bahamas

50 years ago this May the One&Only Club located in the Bahamas opened its doors to its first guests with an extravagant star-studded party “Bal du Paradis” attended by politicians, Dukes, Earls and Ambassadors, who flew in from all around the globe.

You can now experience this tropical paradise for yourself first hand...