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Packing For A Backpacking Holiday. What Do You Need To Know?

24 Nov 2016
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Going on holiday to backpack around might have been something that you have wanted to do for some time. It broadens the horizons, and it encourages anyone to be more self-sufficient. Although you may want to go travelling with a friend or just by yourself, there are things that you wold need to be wary of…

Three Keys To Surviving And Thriving On A Backpacking Trip

15 Sep 2016
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The backpacking getaway is a rite of passage for many of today’s young people. We all like to take a year or so out of a life that can seem so rigidly scheduled. We live in a big world; we deserve to explore at least a bit of it. Here are the three pieces of key advice you should keep with you as you travel…

Top September Long-haul Airports Ideal for Backpackers

September is the perfect time to start backpacking as the kids are back at school after the long summer holidays and many airlines offer discount rates on tickets to help make sure that their flights are full. Asia is the perfect place to visit in September, as this month marks the end of the low season and there are plenty of great deals to be found…

8 perfect gift ideas for a backpacker

26 Nov 2015
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The itinerary of the backpacker is so different from the casual beach-dwelling holidaymaker that they can barely even be mentioned in the same breath. There are few luxuries and fewer excesses of clothing in the rucksack of someone literally carrying their belongings for a vast section of the expedition into daring locations...