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Saving Money on Travel Insurance

9 May 2017
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When you are about to embark on your dream vacation it’s important to obtain travel insurance that provides peace of mind and protects your travel investment in the event things change. Savvy travelers select policies that cover trip cancellation and interruption, medical issues, evacuation and baggage losses too…

5 Jet Lag Remedies That Really Work

30 Apr 2016
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Your bags are packed, your boarding passes are printed out and you have cleared your schedule for the next 10 days. You are about to take your much-deserved dream vacation, and you cannot wait to get there. However you are not looking forward to the jet lag. Here are some effective ways to combat or lessen its wearying effects...

How to Travel Europe on a Budget

26 May 2015
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Travelling can be expensive, particularly when you're travelling overseas. Savvy travellers, however, use several tricks of the trade to find worthwhile savings on flights, ground transportation, and even lodging. Here are five helpful tips to help you save on your next trip to Europe...

Make Your Next Business Trip Eco-Friendly

17 Apr 2015
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Today our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at some tips to make your next business trip more eco-friendly. Many businesses require travel, and if yours is one of them, you are having a big impact on the environment with every trip you take. Be mindful of your impact and do what you can to make greener choices along the way...

Five Travel Must-Haves for Your Next Big Adventure

18 Oct 2014
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We know you’ve gone on quite a few trips before, but no matter how many times you travel, there’s always some degree of stress beforehand – especially when it comes to packing. Take the anxiety out of your next adventure with this list of bring-along must-haves...

Celebrating 95 Years of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

15 Oct 2014
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It’s been 95 years since KLM first started flying passengers around the world. To celebrate this remarkable achievement the airline has put together this fun little film below of their long history of air travel...

Managing Back Pain During Travel

14 Feb 2014
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Today our luxury travel blog takes a look at dealing with back pain, especially if you travel a lot. Groundbreaking studies have revealed a method for eliminating travel-related back pain that is 100 percent effective. It's simple, it's free and it doesn't even require surgery. The method? Simply don't travel...