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Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Luxury Sailing Holiday

28 Aug 2015
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If you’re looking for a luxury trip with a difference, then a sailing or yachting holiday may be the perfect option for you. Taking your holiday away from the land and out to sea allows you to truly escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, whilst also allowing you access to new horizons and adventures. Here are our top tips for planning the perfect luxury sailing holiday...

Top 10 Luxury Sailing and Yachting Destinations

16 Apr 2015
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Our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at escaping the stresses and strains of everyday life, and suggests that there is no better way than to leave the shore behind and set sail. Sailing and yachting holidays are the most luxurious way to have a new adventure, whether you want to drift along crystal clear shores in Europe, or discover a new paradise island a little further afield...

Top Three Tips for the First Time Yachter

7 Jan 2015
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If you are dreaming of a winter vacation that will create lasting memories and quench your thirst for adventure, a private yacht charter might be the perfect choice for you. Chartering a yacht with your family and friends is an amazing way to spend time together while you explore exotic parts of the world. Here are some tips on how to make it the best experience possible…

Discover Europe by chartering a yacht

9 Apr 2014
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In today’s luxury travel blog we take a look at the benefits of chartering a yacht for your summer holiday. Whilst the majority of us love the appeal and excitement of getting onto a plane and travelling to a beautiful sunny island or beach for their summer holiday and being pampered in a gorgeous hotel, you only get to see so much of the place you’re visiting…

E100 Top Five Luxury Yachts

26 Feb 2014
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Our luxury travel blog is pleased to report that the 2014 E100 is out, and with the slow creeping of spring, it’s not too soon to start dreaming of lazy days in the sunshine aboard boats built for oligarchs and oil barons...

Visit Monaco F1 GP…in style and luxury, of course!

6 Feb 2014
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Our luxury travel blog takes a look at how Formula One and yachting go hand in hand as that time of year has come around again…in just over four weeks the much anticipated 2014 Formula One World Championship gets underway in Melbourne (14th March 2014)...

Yachting in the BVI – the Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

1 Nov 2013
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Our luxury travel blog takes a look at where you can find some warm winter sunshine as the glitzy Riviera resorts are now all closed, the summer-long sun has now faded and the azure waters no longer beckon us to bathe…. But do not despair...

Cruising Into New Waters

14 Nov 2011
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While the economic climate may be experiencing some heat right now, all is cool and plain sailing when it comes to the luxury yacht business – with the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey Group (LVMH) today announcing their yacht business ‘Princess’ has formally docked in the Indian market.