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Sipping Cocktails With Superstars: Cointreau Creative Crew UK Awards

1 Jun 2016
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I wish that I could say that brushing shoulders with supermodels was an everyday occurrence for me, but I have to confess to being a little starstruck at the panoply of beauties that graced last week’s Cointreau Creative Crew UK Grant Scheme Awards at Liberty...

SurfSkating around Edinburgh: Every Landlocked Surfer's Dream

23 May 2016
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When you think of the best method of transport to get around Edinburgh, you probably don't think of a skateboard. The rain, the cobbles, and the crowds during the Edinburgh Festival doesn't sound like a skater's dream. That's probably because you've never ridden a SurfSkate…

VIP Dream Experience to Branson’s Necker Cup? BUCKiTDREAM can help with that

BUCKiTDREAM has been making 5-star waves in the iOS world for a little while now and has recently launched on Android, allowing all smartphone users to share their ‘bucket list’ hopes and dreams with a bunch of other kindred spirits from around the world, learning from each other's plans and experiences...

The Jungle Brothers heat up La Belle Angele

11 Sep 2015
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As part of their Living Legends tour, hip-hop heavyweights ‘The Jungle Brothers’ make their second trip to Scotland to perform at La Belle Angele, a club that has recently re-opened after it was reduced to cinders during a vicious fire that swept through the local area over a decade ago…

An Expat’s Export: Mirabeau en Provence

29 Jun 2015
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It’s the ultimate dream of any self-professed oenophile: pack up sticks, bid au revoir to your job and the corporate lifestyle and set up a vineyard in the south of France where you produce and sell your own wine. One family turned that dream into a reality were the Cronks; Stephen had had enough of wearing a suit to a nine-till-fiver to relocate his family to Provence...

A Visitor’s Guide to Washington DC

28 Jan 2014
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Our luxury travel blog brings you the third of our three videos on Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia by our globetrotting journalist Helen Ochyra. In this final video, Helen visits Washington DC and gives us an insight into some of the Museums and things to see and do in the Nation’s Capital...

A Visitor's Guide to Maryland Part Two

21 Jan 2014
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Our luxury travel blog brings you the second of our three videos on Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, as our globetrotting journalist Helen Ochyra continues her journey along the Star-Spangled Banner National Park Historic Trail and heads towards Baltimore...

A Visitor's Guide to the Maryland Byways

15 Jan 2014
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Towards the end of last year, one of our globetrotting journalists, Helen Ochyra flew off to the United States on her first filming assignment for Our Man On The Ground. Our luxury travel blog brings you the first of three videos that will be featured on the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Tourism websites giving an insight into what visitors to the region can see and do...

New Eurostar Adverts for the UK, France and Belgium

20 Nov 2013
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Have you seen the new Eurostar adverts on Television? If you missed them you can watch them here on our luxury travel blog. The adverts are titled ‘Maybe’ and the first one is currently airing on UK television and takes a look at the quirkier side of Paris in an amusing and witty way, highlighting the more vibrant side of the city...

A new mix of cocktails at the Glenn Miller Bar in Marble Arch

4 Sep 2013
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Our luxury travel blog pays a visit to London’s West End where to mark the launch of the new cocktail offering at Thistle Marble Arch’s Glenn Miller Bar, we were recently invited to take part in a cocktail Masterclass, where our mixology skills were most certainly put to the test...