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New York Deli Delancey & Co. brings SATC-style lunching to Fitzrovia

9 Feb 2015
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New York, New York, home of so many wonderful creations: the tuxedo, the Yale lock, even the Kodak camera was created in The Big Apple, as well as, of course, the eponymous song of the first four words in this sentence. None of these hold a candle, however, to my favourite New York invention: the bagel. The cosy Delancey & Co. has New York written all over its walls...

Holborn plays host to the first Italian-Japanese Fusion Café

23 Dec 2014
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London’s always been a melting pot of culture, so it sort of makes sense for an Italian-Japanese fusion café to open in the heart of the city…sort of. We popped down to Beiriso to sample some of the culinary concoctions that the bold owners had whipped up earlier last week…