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You're Going To Want To Know These Things About Visiting Canada

11 Aug 2017
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Canada seems to be appearing on more and more bucket lists than ever before and is an absolutely stunning place to visit, with plenty to see and marvel at. That being said, you're going to want to know a few things about visiting Canada before you buy your plane tickets. Please read on to find out what you need to know.

Getting Into Canada Can Be Tricky

Getting into Canada is by no means easy, so make sure you do your research and prepare depending on where you’re from. Even USA citizens need a passport to visit, as it’s American law for them to be shown when they return. Visitors from any other country need a passport and may need to apply for an ETA on top of that to make sure they are safe to enter.


Having a criminal record is an issue, however, there may be some exceptions depending on how long ago it was and how serious it is. A Rehabilitation program will allow you to enter Canada if you are approved for it, so make sure you’re aware of all of this before you go.

Knowing What You Can Bring Is Super Important

Knowing what you can take into Canada is a must. You can take your dog, providing they are healthy, but not food like fresh fruit. You can take advantage of the tax-free shopping but you must buy liquor and cigarettes in the right amounts if you’re going to avoid trouble.

Niagara Falls

You Must Familiarise Yourself With Driving Laws

Your licence will be valid in Canada, but the driving laws are totally different. They measure things differently, so be sure you understand the speed limits and such before you set out to drive a car.

You Should Take Your Time When Planning What To Do

You must take your time when planning what to do in Canada. There’s so much to do it can feel overwhelming, so make sure you think about what you really want to do, and not what everybody says you should do. If you’re wondering ‘where can you view the aurora borealis?’, you're in luck, as you can see it in Canada. Make sure you plan the little things too, such as eating the food ‘poutine’ after a drink with friends.

Aurora Borealis

Don’t rush to see everywhere though; if you try to visit too many places in one trip, you’ll never truly be able to enjoy yourself. Relax and pick one place you really want to make the most of for the best experience.

Canada Has Its Own Currency

Some Canadian places may accept US dollars, others may not. Make sure you’re aware of this and plan accordingly.

Prepare Yourself For The Weather With Layers

It can get freezing cold in Canada – too cold to function. Make sure you plan by packing lots of layers.


Tim Horton Wants To Be Your Friend

Possibly one of the best places for donuts in Canada is Tim Hortons. If you’re a sweet treat fan, you must come here!

Now you’re ready for your trip to Canada and have fun!

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