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The Main Differences between Macau and Vegas

30 Jul 2017
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Akin to Hong Kong, Macau is deemed a special admin region belonging to China – not really a country in itself, and not really China, either.

From a monetisation point of view, Macau is fundamentally what Las Vegas is, for Chinese people rather than Americans. It boasts a lot of the same casinos Las Vegas has, like the Wynn and the Venetian, but it makes five time more gambling revenue that its counterpart in the USA.

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

While there are definite similarities between these two locations, there are also a host of differences, and this article outlines the biggest of these.

The Gambling Cultures of Las Vegas and Macau

In the United States of America, gambling is largely thought of as a recreational pastime. You put away $500 or so whenever you are headed to Las Vegas, with the full expectation of not getting a penny of this money put back into your pocket. Casual gamers will happily spend $20 on a slots machine game that has caught their eye with no special regard for the outcome. In the same manner that people enjoy the online blackjack Canada has to offer, those who visit Las Vegas are there more to have fun than to win money.

Macau Hotels

The attitude of those who play casino games in Macau could not be any more different: the people who arrive in this region have one intention, and this is gambling. The biggest difference between these two Meccas is that it’s not viewed as simple entertainment in Macau, the way it is in Las Vegas. The action of gambling is viewed as an investment, and everything in Macau is thus geared towards allowing for this.

The Hotels Have More in Common

Macau is the only spot in the world that boasts counterparts to some of the best-known Las Vegas hotels, and these are quite similar to the ones you will find in the latter city.

Macau Casino and Hotel

The Venetian Macau is a cavernous construction: when it was completed back in 2002 it was the 2nd largest building in the whole world in terms of square footage! It is not, however, as refined as its US counterpart, but this does not affect its trade in terms of tourists. The hotel is frequently filled to capacity.

A Few Other Noteworthy Aspects

Although it is a stretch, Las Vegas could be considered to be a destination for the whole family – Macau is not, by any means. Although there are rumours that this fact is set to change, at this point it is a world centred on gambling activities, and there are no activities provided for those too young to do so.

Las Vegas is more long-standing, and Macau did not really enter the gambling arena until as recently as 2004. Since then, however, it has regularly opened a brand-new hotel, every six months or so, and the expansion of the Cotai Strip does not seem likely to stop anytime soon. Macau also has more of a history, in terms of culture, than Las Vegas does, and there is certainly more to see.

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