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Travelling And Technology: How Your Smartphone Is your Best Airport Buddy

26 Jun 2017
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Airports are a drag at the best of times. Even if everything's going smoothly, there's the hassle of security (yes, yes, safety is important and all, but it really is quite inconvenient), the trudge to some rumoured gate that may or may not exist in the far reaches of the airport, followed by a long, languishing wait before the cabin crew decide to grace you with their presence. But fear not, you do have one crucial weapon in the war against airport boredom; your smartphone.

Google Play

Whether you fly the flag for Android or Apple, your smartphone is the item that you most want with you in an airport, hands down. Our little digital friends make sure we never need be bored again, through a variety of distractions; let's take music, for example. Music has helped people all over the world through many-a hard time, and it can do the same for you at an airport; whether you prefer to buy from iTunes or subscribe to Spotify, you can pass the hours by listening to your favourite artists on repeat, and also block out the rest of the world while you're at it, which is a win-win.

If you're not the musical type, or can't relax enough in an airport to enjoy your favourite tunes, why not try podcasts or audio books? Podcasts are seeing a renaissance in recent months, with hundreds of different shows and stories covering any old subject or hobby you care to think of. You also don't have to worry about starting your holiday book and getting halfway through it by the time you land at your destination. The podcast well never runs dry!


Your smartphone can also act as a one stop gaming shop; whether you enjoy running around the airport catching Pokemon or engaging in a thrilling gambling app, there's a game to suit your temperament, and chances are it'll be better than that tried-and-tested classic, I Spy. Be warned though; some smartphone games are just so damn addictive that you might get too involved and risk missing your plane as it takes off a few feet in front of you. Remember: keep one eye on the display boards!

Your phone can also help you check in, of course, as numerous airlines now offer digital boarding passes in their own apps. The smartphone is the way of the future; whether it's helping you find the quickest way to the airport or relieving the inevitable boredom you experience within, keeping the traveller's best friend by your side is one of the smartest things you can do! Oh, and make sure you keep it charged, too.

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