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Why Everyone’s Going To Macau

22 Jun 2017
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Whilst it might not be as immediately familiar as Paris or New York, it seems that Macau is quickly becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

This tiny territory on the southern coast of China regularly attracts over 30 million visitors each year, and it’s not just the fantastic climate that’s bringing in so many foreign visitors.

A big part of Macau’s appeal has to rest with its gambling culture that’s steadily grown since its inception in 1962.


Thanks to the ending of the government-run monopoly in 2002, the Chinese enclave has surpassed Las Vegas to become the epicentre of casino action with impressive resorts like the Wynn Macau, MGM Grand and The Sands all making Macau a fun-lover’s paradise.

But it’s The Venetian that’s the pick of the bunch as it has no less than 3,000 suites, 3,400 slot machines, and 800 gaming tables that makes it the world’s largest casino and the seventh largest building in the whole world!

However Macau’s gambling revenues have recently been curtailed by government clampdowns on corruption as well as the ease with which people can play mobile roulette games on user-friendly websites like LadyLucks.

The House of Dancing Water

Photograph courtesy of The House of Dancing Water

As a result, Macau has strived to diversify its attractions with luxury hotels, glamorous shopping opportunities and lavish shows like The House of Dancing Water that aim to make the enclave a truly family-friendly destination.

Plus, given Macau’s colonial heritage, it makes for a fascinating vacation for any history enthusiast. This is because there’s ample evidence of the enclave’s past as a Portuguese colony with sites like the Ruins of St Paul’s being handily located nearby the magnificent A-Ma traditional Chinese temple.

St Paul's Cathedral

Macau’s cosmopolitan heritage has also made it something of a hit with food fans too. As well as a fascinating array of evocative street foods like Portuguese egg tarts and sweet pork jerky, the enclave’s restaurant scene is really taking off with many upscale food outlets attracting some of the world’s top chefs.

But despite the sheer range of attractions that take in everything from glamorous roulette games to atmospheric historical ruins, it’s still the incredibly futuristic skyline of Macau that really takes the breath away.

And with plenty of other bizarre attractions to enjoy such as taking a gondola ride around the Venetian casino or even visiting the virtual aquarium, it’s clear that there’s so much more to Macau than just games of roulette!

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